5x7 Embroidery Machine Hoop Frames DIY Embroidery Hoops
5x7 Embroidery Machine Hoop Frames DIY Embroidery Hoops
5x7 Embroidery Machine Hoop Frames DIY Embroidery Hoops


5x7 Embroidery Machine Hoop Frames DIY Embroidery Hoops

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  • These Generic Embroidery Machine hoops will Work with Following Machines: Brother Innovis Series(NQ3600D/3500D/1600E/1400E;VE2300/2200,VM6200D/5200/5100;6750D/6700D/6000/5000/4750D/4500D/4000D/4000/2800D/2500D/1500D/1500; NV 2650D/2600/870SE/800E; XP2/XP1,XV/XV8550D/XV8500D; BP 3500D/2100/1400E; IE/I/V7/V5/V5LE/V3). BabyLock Aerial/Aventura/Destiny/EllageoPlus/Ellegante/Ellegante2/Ellisimo/Esante/Flare/Flourish/Flourish 2/Journey/Meridian/Pathfinder/Solaris/Solaris 2/Spirit/Unity/Vesta.
  • High-Quality Embroidery Machine Hoop: New brothread embroidery machine hoop is strong and accurate. Best choices for perfect replacement of the old embroidery machine hoop or have an extra embroidery machine hoop to speed up your embroidery projects.
  • Multi Functions of Each Embroidery Machine Hoop: SA439(EF75): Versatile Large Embroidery Hoop with a large embroidery area of 5" x 7", can be used for purses, shirt sleeves, collars, totes, and hard-to-hoop items; It's similar to the original embroidery machine hoop that comes with your machine.
  • Clear Grids for Accurate Alignment: Each embroidery machine hoop has a matching embroidery grid sheet. Easy and helpful for you to make accurate alignment and mark the design. An adjustable metal screw on the hoop allows you to clamp a wide range of fabric firmly.
  • New brothread Embroidery Machine Hoop, always think what you think, do what you do, and love what you love.


Introduction for Each Hoop:

Small Embroidery Hoop: SA437 (EF73) - Embroidery Area: 1inch x 2-1/2 inch (2.5cmx6cm)

Medium Embroidery Machine Hoop: SA438(EF74) - Embroidery Area: 4inch x 4inch (10cmx10cm)

Large Embroidery Hoop: SA439(EF75) - Embroidery Area: 5inch x 7inch (13cmx18cm)

Extra Large Embroidery Machine Hoop: SA441(EF81) - Embroidery Area: 6-1/4inch x 10-1/4inch (16cmx26cm)

Compatible Machines: Brother Innovis NQ3600D/NQ3500D/NQ1600E/NQ1400E Brother Innovis VE2300/VE2200/VM6200D/VM5200/VM5100 Brother Innovis 6750D/6700D/6000D/5000/4750D/4500D/4000D/4000/2800D/2500D/1500D/1500 Brother Innovis NV2650D/NV2600/NV870SE/NV800E Brother Innovis XP2/XP1/XV/XV8550D/XV8500D Brother Innovis BP3500D/BP2100/BP1400E Brother Innovis IE/I/V7/V5/V5LE/V3 Baby Lock Aerial/Aventura/Aventura II/Destiny/Destiny II Baby Lock Ellageo Plus/Elegante/Elegante II/Elegante III/Ellisimo/Ellisimo Gold/Esante Baby Lock Flare/Flourish/Flourish II Baby Lock Journey/Meridian/Pathfinder/Solaris/Solaris 2/Spirit Baby Lock Unity/Vesta


Excellent strength to hoop most kinds of fabric and embroidery stabilizer firmly without deformation.Accurate embroidery gird sheets for easy marking when you make a design. The adjustable metal screw is very convenient and allows you to clamp a wide range of fabric. Hang all Embroidery Machine Hoops with an embroidery hoop holder on the wall when you don’t use them.