Pink Storage Container With 30 Adjustable Compartments Craft Organizers
Pink Storage Container With 30 Adjustable Compartments Craft Organizers
Pink Storage Container With 30 Adjustable Compartments Craft Organizers
Pink Storage Container With 30 Adjustable Compartments Craft Organizers


Pink Storage Container With 30 Adjustable Compartments Craft Organizers

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Color: Pink


  • Never Lose Your Small Items - Fiddly little household items can be a drag - especially when they get lost. Keep all items together in one place with this convenient organizer case. Ideal for many purposes such as nail organizers and storage, craft organizer, bead storage, craft box and art organizer.
  • Perfect For Sewing & Bead Collections - Store thread spools individually in this handy plastic organizer tray and give each color thread its own compartment. Also works great for Bobbins, colored Beads, Jewelry, Beauty Products & Accessories, Scrapbooking Supplies and other art supplies. Great for organizing short nail polish (3" or shorter) like Essie.
  • Lightweight, Convenient & Easily Portable - Your storage container lid features a handle and can easily be carried around with you - clasps on the lid close up tight and its's lightweight for easy portability. Take your art box with you on the go! Tackle box organizers and storage in a different way with our sewing organizer / bead storage organizer.
  • Versatile With Multiple Uses - With 3 tiers and 30 individual adjustable compartments, it's perfect for storing and organizing LOL Surprise Dolls, Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins and Lego Dimensions. The compartment organizer box keeps order even in the biggest art supply storage! Simply divide the big compartment box into small plastic case for a tidy art storage organizer.
  • Durable, Transparent Plastic Design - See clearly what youâ€ve stored and where - without even having to open the art bin. This craft storage box is made from durable clear plastic that is sure to last you for years to come. Sturdy craft storage containers for your passion!


The Stackable Storage Container Provides plenty of space for all your storage needs! Save yourself the hassle of mixing or misplacing your small household items and instead keep them neatly organized in this convenient plastic storage case. Featuring a high-quality construction, your case is made from tough, durable plastic that is sure to last well into the future. Keep All Your Easy-to-Lose Items Organized in One Placer clear, lightweight plastic storage container allows you to conveniently organize your sewing supplies (thread spools, bobbins, etc.), beads, scrapbooking supplies, nail art supplies, kawaii squishiest, fishing tackle and hooks, small hardware, arts and crafts accessories & more! Store thread spools and bobbins organized by color, keep jewelry beads neatly grouped together, and arrange any other small art supplies you may have conveniently in one place. Notable Features Tough, Durable PlasticLightweight3 Organizing Trays Adjustable Dividers30 Compartments (10 per tray)Transparent Design for Display Handle for Easy Transport Compartments are approximately 3.75 X 2.5 X 2.75 inches, but each divider wall can be removed to customize the compartment sizes in order to fit larger items. A must-have addition to your home, don’t wait to order the best plastic organizer case on the market today!

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